Prickwillow Village Newsletter

MARCH 2019


Recently, we have been having discussions about refurbishing the war memorial in Prickwillow as the names are starting to fade.

The City of Ely Council is proposing to take responsibility for the maintenance of the Memorial and ask a stonemason to inspect it and advise on what can be done etc. 

However, before anything can progress we need to establish if another party or parties claims ownership, in case they object.

If you or anyone you know has further information can you please contact me at


We have received a report of 3 men seen with a white van parking in the Village and wandering into driveways on Old Bank; when challenged they drove off. The registration is believed to start EL09.

Keep doors, windows and out-houses secure.


From the Chair of Council, Virginia Mull.

As newly appointed Chairperson of Prickwillow Village Council may I take this opportunity to thank Edward Rice, our former Chairman, for his leadership, effort and faithful work over many years. It is enjoyable and worthwhile being part of the Village Council and I look forward to bringing some fresh ideas into Prickwillow village life. There’s always room for more members and everyone is welcome, so please consider joining us. Dates and other village information can be found on the website:

Best wishes to you all for a contented and healthy 2019.


Baptist Chapel Services, March 2019 at 10.30am

3rd     Liz
10th   Paul
17th   Van
24th   Andrew
31st    Paul – Mother’s Day

All Villagers welcome.


The Little Wombatz pre school group will be unveiling their surprise package for March …………. Look out for it.

If you would like to exhibit your artwork, or know someone who would, please get in touch with Sonia 01353 688316 or email


The Odd Socks Challenge in Ely is being held to raise awareness of a chronic condition called Lymphoedema that causes swelling in the body, most commonly in the legs and arms, which can sometimes be debilitating and very painful.

The ladies from Soham-based Pebble UK will be joining Mayor of Ely Michael Rouse outside Ely Cathedral for the ‘Sock It Challenge’ on March 7.

People are invited to turn up wearing odd socks, making them as bright, funky and outrageous as they like – just make sure they don’t match.

The ‘Sock It Challenge’ is part of the British Lymphology Society’s ‘Lymphoedema Awareness Week 2019’, held from March 3 to 9.

A spokesperson for Pebble UK said: “We will have a group photo taken of everyone in their odd socks to put on social media, where the challenge can then be shared for others to do the same.”

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