Painting – the box has had a facelift – thanks to residents who gave their time.

February:  Elizabeth Robertson – Flowers

March:  4th Ely Brownies

April: ‘Dragonflies’ by Ely Primary School pupils of William Chambers

May: Malou and Ezra Lewis

June: Jane Frost – Willow Weaver

July: Open Studios

August: Exhibition by the children from Little Wombatz of Soham

September: Jo Baker

October: Promotion of the Drainage Museum

November: Struan (age 7) and Jacob (age 5) present their pictures on the theme of fireworks

December: Sculpture by Cary Outis


January: James Ryder – Letter Cutter

February: Elizabeth Robertson – Flowers

March: Little Thetford Primary School

April: Speedwatch campaign

May: Ladybird Class, Ely Primary School

June: Chris Wood, Light Artist

July: OPEN STUDIOS display – see

September: Terry Ward, Communication Breakdown – A print exhibition

October: Izzy Bradwell – Influences of Monet’s Water Lilies

November: Brownies – The End of World War, 1918

December: Cary Outis, Christmas Spectacular


January: Bethany Taylor-Shaw

February: Elizabeth Robertson, Enchanted Flowers

April – Ely Primary School-Easter Special

May – Nadine Anderson, basket maker-work based on the Green Man

June – Jane Frost, willows, textiles and mixed media artist

July - Cambridge Open Studios

August – Joseph Baker, photographer

September – Rebecca Taylor-Shaw and Sharon Tooley-‘Rootless’

October – Boys from Prickwillow (Ben, Tom, Johnny, Struan and Jacob)

December – Cary Outis Christmas Special


January – Global warming and changing sea levels

February – William and Flossy Chambers

March – Isle of Ely Arts Festival taster

April – Village Covid resource centre

May – Village Covid resource centre

June – Village Covid resource centre

July – Elizabeth Robertson-flowers

August – Izzie Bradwell

September – Malou and Ezra Lewis

October – Chris Jakes-Prickwillow photograph history

November – Chris Jakes-Prickwillow photograph history

December – Cary and Ricki Outis Christmas Special


January – Village Covid resource centre

February – Village Covid resource centre

March – Village Covid resource centre

December – Ouse Life Xmas Display – Rudolph


December – Ouse Life Xmas Display – ‘Picasso Santa’


December – Ouse Life Xmas Display – Letters to Santa

2024: Renovation and painting planned

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